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Energetic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ENLP)

A little about ENLP

Your body has enormous untapped healing abilities. These abilities are often suppressed by unconscious beliefs, programming and energies in the body energetic field. If you know how to clear your energy field and how to use it well, you can enhance your emotional, psychological and physical health.

Art Giser, Rapport Magazine, 2012

Albert Einstein was the first of the modern physicists to prove through mathematics that we are constituted from energy. Rather than making a new discovery, Einstein was confirming what a crucial component of the Daoist writings had been saying for thousands of years; the human being is made from energy vitality and spirit.

Practitioners of natural medicine have known for a long time how important it is to understand the energetic component of a human being. However until recently there have been very few techniques that offer the means and tools to access and influence that component in useful, rather than theoretical ways. ART Giser has created an emerging technology called Energetic NLP (ENLP), which does exactly that. Whereas a technique like acupuncture can access various levels of the energetic system of a human being, energy-based healing technologies like Energetic NLP enable people to manage their energy state and well being.

Energetic NLP allows you to access the energetic field in very gentle ways. Simply by using your intention, you can learn to manage and choose the filters you put on your life experiences.

Although the physicists who are studying the effects of consciousness on quantum physics actively debate every detail of the findings, they consistently agree on one thing. What we know about the human body and how our thoughts and energies affect it, is just the tip of the iceberg.

ENLP gives people a set of simple, safe, but powerful processes that they can use in their daily lives. The processes equip people with the tools they need to enhance their life, access inner wisdom, heal themselves, clear limiting beliefs and programming from their energy fields.

ENLP is built upon an understanding that people are powerful beings that don’t need fixing. Healing practitioners using ENLP are trained to understand that their clients direct their own lives. Rather than forcing their view of what someone needs or what is wrong with them, the main goal of an ENLP practitioner is to give people a deeper connection with their own inner wisdom, so that they can use it to get more from their lives.

One of the major advantages of ENLP over other healing modalities is that it supports people at more than just a mental and physical level.


Major benefits of ENLP:

Improved skills for managing daily life

Increased emotional and physical well-being

Increased personal awareness

Increased joy and optimism

Better access to personal resources

Increased access to inner wisdom and spirit

Reasons to seek the benefits of ENLP

– Taking control of Depression

– Beginning to heal after Trauma

– Consolidating the aftermath of a relationship crisis or relationship breakdown

– Getting control of your stress

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