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How to cope with the emotional side effects of a phobia

As a phobia sufferer you will know when you are faced with the situation you fear, that you are overreacting, but you can’t control it. The closer you are to your trigger situation the greater the fear becomes. Rationally you know that your response is out of proportion and this compounds an already miserable situation by making you feel out of control, helpless and embarrassed. How do you cope with the emotional side effects of a phobia?

One of the most humiliating aspects of suffering from a phobia is being with other people when you are triggered into the high anxiety state associated with phobias. As well as experiencing disabling levels of fear, you know that your behaviour appears odd and irrational to those around you.

Coping Mechanisms: How can I break free of this cycle?

Like many people, you may try to cope by avoiding the trigger phobia. Not only is this tiring, impractical and very limiting, but it can prevent you from leading a normal life. A far better solution is to see an expert who can help you overcome your phobia. Not all methods suit everybody, some people are helped by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but others are not. Therefore we give you a FREE assessment to find out the most effective method for you and the results speak for themselves as most of our clients have reported great improvement with their phobias after just 2 or 3 sessions.

We stress that each of the treatment methods must be carried out by an experienced and highly trained practitioner if they are to be successful. Choosing a practitioner based on an excellent reputation and many years of practice is a far better option when dealing with something as complex as a phobia. We have treated many clients who initially made a decision based on price and then came to us after wasting a lot of valuable money and time.

Phobias can be managed extremely successfully. With our expert help you will be able to override your initial panic reaction, teaching you to manage and control your response to the situations that have held you in fear.

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