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What is anxiety?

Anxiety can dominate your life. It can make you feel hopeless, alone, self-conscious and trapped. But anxiety is also a perfectly normal feeling. It is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. You may have felt it around exam time, before an interview or whilst having medical tests. This can be felt as butterflies, apprehension, tension, nervousness, dread, unease or worry.

Why do we have anxiety and why is it useful?

Anxiety can be both physically and psychologically beneficial. Strange as it may seem, these feelings actually help you to cope with difficult, threatening and unavoidable situations. Anxiety focuses your attention and motivates you to become more creative and better at solving problems, whilst keeping you alert. The symptoms and feelings of anxiety usually disappear when you are used to the situation.

What is the difference between healthy anxiety and an anxiety disorder?

When normal anxious feelings cannot be controlled, they don’t go away; they occur for no reason and can become a serious problem for the individual. When your anxiety level rises beyond what is helpful, your performance can suffer.

Normal anxious feelings can also become mixed with feelings of shame, guilt, excitement, anger or sadness. In anxiety disorders these feelings are often exaggerated in an excessive and unrealistic way. This can develop into a debilitating long term condition and without treatment individuals will rarely recover.

How long will it take before I recover from my anxiety?

Despite the fact that anxiety is a highly manageable condition, most people suffering with anxiety don’t seek the help that they require. At MH Hypnotherapy we have found that panic attacks can usually be improved in as little as three sessions. Even in severe cases when anxiety has become a generalised, long standing condition and the individual lives in dread, with no feelings of happiness or joy, the improvement rate is very successful (generally between 7 to 12 sessions).

In our treatment sessions we teach our clients how to successfully manage their response to what their minds and bodies perceive as an emergency. The results we achieve with our clients are real and long-lasting because we teach people how to deal with problems for themselves.

We can help you find the cause of your anxiety. We will teach you strategies that you can use when you feel the panic setting in, allowing you to stay in control and not become overwhelmed.

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