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Everything you need to know about Homeopathy?

The principle that like cures like is the basis of homeopathic medicine. In a homeopathic treatment, highly diluted amounts of the substance that, if taken in large amounts, would cause a condition are taken to manage it. The theory was formulated by Samuel Heineman, the founder of Homeopathy and it is based on Hippocrate belief that you can treat a condition either by using substances that are like the condition or opposite to it.

Using highly diluted substances

The active ingredients used in homeopathy are highly diluted. Practitioners of homeopathic medicine believe that it is the ability of water to hold a memory or an imprint of the substances that have been dissolved in it, that allow the homeopathic medicine to be effective in highly diluted amounts.

What are homeopathic medicines made from?

Homeopathic medicines are made from plants and minerals. The active ingredients used are highly diluted and then added to tablets, pills or liquids.

Is homeopathy safe?

Two hundred years of practice, research and trials have proved that homeopathy is a gentle and safe system of medicine. It is effective for both people and animals. Because homeopathic remedies use active ingredients in such small amounts, homeopathic medicines are non-addictive and have no dangerous side effects. When supervised by a professional homeopath or doctor, homeopathy can be used safely and effectively for the whole family.

What does homeopathic treatment involve?

In the initial consultation, the practitioner will be interested in your symptoms, your medical history and in you as a unique individual.

The picture the practitioner obtains from you in this consultation will determine the treatment plan and the advice that is given to you. While many people will turn to homeopathic medicine as a last resort, having seen their conventional doctor and had all the relevant tests, there are some people who use homeopathy as a first option as it is a natural way forward. Although some people prefer the natural option, it is also important to recognise that human health is complex and the need for medical tests and assessments is considered in all cases.

Initial appointments generally last an hour and follow-up appointments can last anything from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the needs of the individual.

Preparing for your appointment

In order to save your time and to enable you to get the most out of a consultation, we recommend that you make some notes before your appointment about the issues that are affecting your health.

The medicine

At the end of the consultation, your homeopathic practitioner will give you a prescription and advise you on how often to take the medicine. Homeopathic medicines can be taken as tablets, liquid or powder form. Homeopathic gels and creams can also be prescribed for topical use.

Whole person medicine

Homeopathy is designed to treat the whole person. It can therefore be useful in almost any situation where someone wellness and health are depleted. Homeopathy can be useful in treating conditions ranging from minor ailments, to long-term, chronic problems (particularly those that do not respond to conventional medicine) and for emotional upset or distress.

Homeopathy and conventional medicine

Homeopathy medicine should be seen as a complementary treatment to conventional medicine, and not as an alternative. A practitioner trained in homeopathy will know when it is most effective to use homeopathic medicine, conventional medicine or a combination of both. Consulting a trained homeopathic practitioner will allow you to receive a treatment that is tailored to your individual requirements and will work alongside (not interfere) with conventional medical treatment.

Regulated practice

Members of the Faculty of Homeopathy are medical doctors. Members of the Society of Homeopaths are professional homeopaths and, whilst they have some medical training, they are not medical doctors. Both professions are bound and governed by a code of ethics and regulatory bodies.

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